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Happy International Women’s Day!

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Dear Friends,

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, I wanted to write a post in appreciation and as testament to my experience as a woman. I am trying to keep this short, which, those of you who know me, is quite a challenge.

I am personally thankful for all the women who have fought to live and to have basic civil rights, in full knowledge that I stand on their shoulders. And, as I stand on the shoulders of women who have broken barriers so that I would not have to, they have shown what it means to stand up against oppression, to stand up for social justice, to stand up for basic rights.

I thank the women who inspire me to be true to who I am and I am going to do a bit more coming out right now, in honor of this idea. I thank the women who are present in my life to support me in being true to who I am… A queer, polyamorous, writer/artist and community organizer that works as a Dominatrix, as a teacher, and as a nanny.

I thank the women who look down on me for being who I am because they remind me my battles are not over and to live everyday as myself as truly as I can because that, in and of itself, is the greatest act of rebellion. I thank the women who look up to me for being who I am because they remind me that being true to myself is a righteous and rocky pursuit, that my fight benefits others and that is invaluable motivation to continue on.  I thank the women who get that I am just another person trying to make it in this world just as I am, my friends, because they are who I turn to in my hardest moments for support and reassurance, they make me feel so very less alone as I face the inevitable discrimination that comes with being a women, not to mention my other identities.

And to those women I turn to and who have supported me, I thank you for being the person who I can talk to when hurtful names are thrown at me. I thank you for speaking up in conversation when I am teased or picked on or experiencing other microaggressions. I thank you for being vulnerable with me and giving me the chance to support you in return, you are, indeed friends of the highest order. I thank you for sticking around through my own issues and for truly hearing me even when you disagree with me. You are true friends, against all odds..

I thank the women who inspire me to be in solidarity with other women in world that would have us divided and powerless. I thank the women who I am different than for their patience and understanding as we navigate a world that would have us competing with each other instead of supporting each other. I thank the women who are courageously themselves in a society that has very narrow ideas of what it means to be a woman, whether philosophically, physically, or biologically.

The knowledge that we share in this struggle makes us the stronger for bearing it so that we will be able to continue the fight against the inequalities still to be faced.


Written by lovemotionstory

March 8, 2013 at 1:27 pm