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The new, bigger IPRC…

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I volunteer to be on staff every Monday at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. If you ever have stopped by on a Monday anytime the last little while, I have probably given you a tour, tried to explain something about InDesign to you, helped you figure out why the copy machine wasn’t printing your zine as you imagine, or whatever. The IPRC has been looking for a bigger location for quite awhile, but a much bigger and interesting place was finally found last year and we spent most March and the beginning of April begging the big move across the river.

That’s me, volunteering real hard, followed by Michael, of Perfect Day Publishing, who also volunteers real hard on Mondays.

I came in last week to help try to unpack, build shelves, clean, setup supplies, shelve zines, etc. The IPRC had a soft opening last week, and things are looking good over here. For so long, we’ve had so many more zines for the zine library than we had shelves. In the new space, we have new new shelves up that are empty! With room in the library to expand, to add even more shelf space! I am excited to watch our backlog of donated zines slowly fill up the library… Our gigantic library (which anyone can borrow from for free, by the way), is fully searchable! Check out the online catalog of all the IPRC’s zines here.

We also have more room in the letterpress area (which allows us to carry new typefaces that were donated to our collection!), we’re are adding a screenprinting studio to our repertoire of available DIY experiences, we have more room for workshops and the certificates programs, and A LOT more…

Today marks my first regular Monday volunteering in our brand new space and, after feeling so inspired helping out last week, I came in early to snap some photos to help give you an idea of how wonderful the new space is and how much the IPRC is really being able to add and incorporate…

Definitely check this machine out which, has been just sitting in Justin’s garage for almost five years, just waiting for us to have more space and to be turned into a Zine Machine!

I am going to be helping IPRC solicit submissions for mini zines to into this wonderful thing and curating it’s selection, but more on that later…

Also, the cheery on the top of the new IPRC’s location, the rooftop! Check out my new favorite place to get elevated.

So, yeah, that’s just a quick update sharing the new IPRC! In case you were too lazy to click the links to the IPRC’s website, the new location is at 1001 SE Division St. #2… Which is kind of rad for a vegan lady like me, because Los Gorditos and Portobello are not even two blocks away!

And, speaking of cool non profits, ADX is also in the neighborhood. Is close-in, SE Portland the new DIY district? Could be…

2011 PZS Poster Art Call / Stumptown Underground Submission Call

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So, onto to zine things!

Every year, the PZS gives EVERYONE a chance to make the image that will represent the next Portland Zine Symposium on the website, posters, buttons, fliers, outreach events, and at the convention. All you have to do is think about the theme, create a poster and submit! This theme for the 11th Annual Portland Zine Symposium will be “Postmarked 2011” and the deadline is March 1st. Check out the call here and give it a try!

And in other zine news, Stumptown Underground’s 17th issue will be centralized around the theme of BREAKUPS. For more info on that, check here and look over SU’s (finally) new and improved website. The graphic at the top was thought up by me and inked up by Ben Bush! We couldn’t seem to keep up with updating the website between Katy and I, so Stumptown Underground finally implemented a wordpress set up so that all the members in the collective can help keep it updated.

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February 7, 2011 at 10:42 am