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PZS Digestion Time

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Well, somehow, we’ve made through another Portland Zine Symposium. There were a few hitches (if you follow me on twitter, facebook or whatever, you read my frantic whining about them), but all problems were overcome, fun was had, and it was a fabulous weekend.

I liked the feel of the space, but it just wasn’t big enough. I don’t think PZS should exponentially grow, but we definitely were not fitting 80 tables comfortably, which we could do at the Smith Ballroom. Quite a few people have asked why we haven’t been at Smith last year and this year. Basically, it’s because PSU has been saving it all summer for orientations. This year, they had some room open, but it wasn’t announced until April or so, which is entirely too late for us to plan. Especially because we have people coming from all over every year, even internally, so announcing ahead of time and having things nailed down is essential. Also, not to mention because we have a lot of stuff to plan!

Speaking of which, if you want to help be an organizer for next year’s Portland Zine Symposium, we should be having an open meeting in about a month, so be on the lookout for that…

I wish there was there were words for how I feel about PZS every year. I feel that I always try, but there is little to explain why things like PZS and Stumptown Underground mean so much to me. Every year, a lot of people who put their hearts into what they create get together in one giant room and share. And, you know, it’s not just PZS. It’s San Francisco Zine Fest, it’s the (newer) Chicago Zine Fest (started by some awesome people, I really need to go!), it’s some awesome kids in Los Angeles trying to start a zine fest down there and others. Anyways, to make up for my lack of eloquence, here is an amazing little video taken at the Portland Zine Symposium this year…

A seriously big thank you to all my friends that helped, volunteered, or even just showed up. <3

And now it’s time to get back to reality. I happened to be dogsitting again this year, during and post PZS, which has been nice vacation from my office. It’s also nice to decompress and be lazy after a big convention. I am dogsitting for the family I usually nanny for, so I had most of the week off from work, but I happen to be working again for a family I used to nanny for a couple years ago and I did work one day this week. That day was spent at OMSI, which was pretty awesome.

In this week, I thought I would catch up on a few things, but I have mainly been lazy and relaxing. I did spend some quality time with a couple lovers, doing social catching up, but I have only been catching up work on Stumptown Underground today. We are wrapping up organizing for our summer/ocean issue (we combined the two, as we had few submisisons for both) and planning the release party. Speaking of which, I just made a post about needing new blood in Stumptown Underground on that website, you should check it out.  If you live in Portland and like to build community through zines, we could use your help.

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August 12, 2011 at 3:47 pm

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