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Blue is your typical Portlander in her late twenties and has lived in Portland for over 9 years. Before Portland, her life was rather wandering, but Portland is so wonderful that she has stayed.

She likes to ride bikes, teach kids how to make comics and zines, make music with fine folks, eat lots of vegan food, collect dinosaurs, used to run around in costumes a fair amount, be polyamorous, building furniture, read comics and zines, pet any cat she sees (she has two of her own Mona Mia and Wesley Dodds), go to comic and zine fests, run around with kids all day as a nanny, plan events so that all the people she likes can meet each other and have fun, write letters (write her one), gardening, make gifts for friends (like mix cds), play board games, cooking, and chit chat over coffee.

You may also know her from Stumptown Underground, Portland Zine Symposium, the Independent Publishing Resource Center, and talking with people. She also has a tumblr.


Written by lovemotionstory

April 28, 2010 at 12:04 am

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