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So, yesterday was my first day leading middle schoolers in debate in the extended day program that I work for! It was really, crazy awesome. Last year, I proposed to the old director f0r the program I work for that I facilitate a debate class and he said he would love that. This year, there is a new director who totally went along with it too, I am so thankful he left her good notes about all this and that he is interested in the debate class and extending my time for comics class…

I have been teaching comics/zines in this program for the last two years, as a one-hour class. I kept suggesting a two-hour block for this class, and, this year, I also finally got the extra time! Today is the first day of the comics class for this year, as a two-hour class! I am so excited for more time so my students and I can flesh out and refine their comics this term for their big, comic’s class zine.

To top it off, the program has a new director is a really wonderful woman. I always admired the relationship the old director of the extended day program seem to have with all the students and faculty, how patient he was with everyone, how positive he was with everyone, and how hard he worked at such a challenging job. The new director seems to be completely apt to fill his shoes. Every time I saw her, she is so thoughtful, kind, and witty. And, this afternoon, she sent em this really nice email!!!

Hi Blue,
I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that you are AWESOME. :) Thank you so much for being so on-the-ball yesterday and for your flexibility and patience as I figure out how to balance everybody’s needs in our program. This first week has, thus far, been pretty frantic. My saving grace is that I have several instructors– such as yourself– who know what they’re doing and do it well. I do apologize for not being as present to you yesterday as I would have liked to be. Thanks for letting me know about the pens you’ll need for Comics. I will try to get those as soon as possible. And thanks for being on time, prepared, and terrific. I hope Debate continues to be a great experience for you and the students. Please know that, although I may seem like I’m in a frenzy, I am noticing the wonderful job that you’re doing.
Thanks a lot, and see you this afternoon!

I seriously can’t believe all the luck I have had the last few years in work! In nannying, I work for some of the most strong, intelligent, caring, respectful, and thoughtful parents who, of course, have incredibly fun, intelligent, and sweet kids. Then, with teaching, I just keep having opportunity after opportunity to help support and encourage kids to be critically thinking, bravely expressive, and passionately creative. In local shops, at the IPRC, at the Rock ‘N’ Roll Camp for Girls, and at the middle school in the extended day program.

Lastly, I totally found a new house to live that actually feels like it’s going to be a HOME… I am incredibly excited about my two, new housemates who I have a ridiculous amount in common with. When I went to interview for the house, we all just really hit it off, talking for two hours, then, as I was unlocking my bike and leaving, they came out and asked me to move in with them and gave me a key!

I feel kind of silly for being so worried this past weekend about finding a new place, but I really appreciate all the support of my partners, friends, and the even the families I work for!! I am so thankful for all of you people, I can’t even explain it to you. I wrote my main nannying-family mom an email letting her know I found a new home last night and thanking her for all her support, but for also being an amazing person to work with with a wonderful family. Of course, then she wrote me back a nice note.



Written by lovemotionstory

October 3, 2012 at 1:43 pm

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