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Oh yeah, my birthday is coming up.

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But I am going to try celebrate it, like, three times.

So look, my birthday is December 24th.

Every year, I struggle to determine how and when I will celebrate my birthday, how all my friends can be included because everyone is all traveling and such and because I want to feel loved and paid attention to by all my friends (I’m only human).

Having a birthday during the holidays sucks already, but it especially when you don’t even have a family you talk to. Normally, I think of my friends as my family, my network of love and support, because you’re all so wonderful, which is why I get bummed out that a lot of you just happen to be gone around this time.

So, if you’re my friend and in town any of these birthday party days, please consider showing up to one of my birthday parties, it will really mean a lot to me. Help me break my holiday tradition of lame birthdays!

First, December 16th, Board Game Birthday Gathering. A low key evening in my beautiful newish (to me) house, around the giant table or one of the smaller tables, playing board games (or card games) and having laughs. If you love board games, card games, hanging out at and snacking, or me…. Great! You’re invited. try to bring snack to share. <3

I have these games: Small World, Apples To Apples Party Box, Apples To Apples travel edition, Carcassonne (with a few expansions), Monty Python Fluxx, Catan 3D Collector’s Edition (which comes with the Cities and Knights expansion), Careers for Girls (found while thrifting, incredibly sexist), Go, Dominos, and Life: Star Wars.

You are welcome to bring more!

Don’t have my address? Email me to RSVP and get it… lovemotionstory [at] g mail [dot] c om

Second, December 24th, Blue’s Bonafide Birthday Blowout, a dinner at Vegetarian House  around 6pm, followed up by karaoke at Chopsticks 3:  How Can Be? at 8:30pm! Please, NO GIFTS. Just bring yourself, have some Chinese food, sing some sings, and have a great time.

Lastly, post holiday madness, Blue’s Belated Birthday Bash will be on January 21st, theme, location and time to be determined.

Hopefully, this will cover all the bases and share all the birthday love…


Written by lovemotionstory

November 30, 2011 at 2:56 pm

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  1. Chopsticks Karaoke ! ! ! Awwww, shee-oot – it’s awwnn ~ :)

    Djo Fortunato

    December 14, 2011 at 7:41 pm

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