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So, I had an amazing day on Saturday at Bagby Hot Springs!

A friend with a bus driving license rented a small bus to organize the outing as a big group. The drive was fantastic, I brought Apples to Apples and we all played a 9 or 10 person game with a lot of giggles. And, of course, there were great views on the drive, rushing rivers, greenery, rock formations, etc.

snowfalling_04_02_11 thebridge_04_02_11 Tethraladyfriend_04_02_11

Once we got to Bagby Hot Springs, the hike in was beautiful. I could just not stop saying, “Wow, look at this tree fallen over!” Or, “Check out the way the moss in hanging!” Or, “Oh, look at the roaring water!” I was so happy to be hiking in, looking forward to the soak, enjoying holding the hand of a girl I am dating, both of us delighting in teasing a boy I am dating. Then snow began to fall and it was all just that much more magical!

We had a large enough group, that we filled up the one big tub. There were a couple people not in our group in and out and we got some interesting questions about how we all knew each other…

During our trip, however, one horrible and lame thing happened… I completely cut open my left foot! I think it was within the first hour of being there, the plug keeping all the nice, hot spring water in our group’s tub fell through. I tend to be spontaneous and adventurous, so, as everyone squealed about the water rushing out beneath us, I hopped over the side of the tub, off of the platform of the tub, and down to the rocks and water below. I grabbed the plug and made my way back up to the platform and the tub. Once back up, everyone was panicked, “Hey, you’re bleeding!” Another thing about me is that I have some weird hangups about being injured or sick, mainly, I hate to be injured or sick or fessing up to how bad I any condition might be. So, I laughed and tried to shrug it off as my gentleman friend began to cut a strip of fabric from his shirt to help my lady friend, who also happens to be a nursing assistant, bandage me up.

ladyfrienddressingMywound_04_02_11 ladyfriendbitingMyFoot_04_02_11

I have no idea what exactly cut my foot. I had been walking in the snow barefoot moments before getting in the tub and then quickly jumping out to rescue the plug, so I had not even felt the cut happen and didn’t really feel it until, maybe half an hour later. My gentleman friend had the theory that I cut it on a metal hose clamp that was just outside of the tub, holding down the hose bringing in cold water to cool the tubs off, as he thinks he saw me bleeding on my way down to underneath our tub’s platform. The cut was very deep, but very clean, so that theory holds some water… (pun intended)

After I got all bandaged up, I got back into the tub, but kept my foot out… Well, really, I was rather horrible about it, as I was a little bit tipsy with friends and getting big endorphin rushes from that and the pain (and maybe silly from blood loss), but my gentleman friend kept reminding me and trying to help with me keeping it elevated and out of the tub while also having a good time with our group. I ended up bleeding quite a bit and, during a rebandage, my lady friend made it clear that, when we got back into town, I needed go to an urgent care facility. I hated this idea and asked if she though I could wait until the morning and just call a doctor friend to look at it. She insisted that, no, I could not wait until the morning because, after 12 hours, the skin would begin to die and I clearly needed stitches. She took a photo of my heel with her phone to try and show me how deep the cut was…


That photo was pretty persuasive. I am quite the lucky lady because I really did not want to admit that it was so bad, but she kept telling me I should go, that she was also worried about such a deep wound getting infected, and my gentleman friend was all worked up and worried, so I finally conceded that I would go to Urgent Care when we got back into town.

Once at Urgent Care, I was told I had to get a tetanus shot because of the likely possibility that I was, indeed, cut by metal. I was also told that I did, most definitely, need stitches. The nurse attending me at urgent care was very nice and sympathetic, he cleaned my wound, talked me through some things, etc. The doctor who came in later was a bit more cold, don’t get me wrong, still nice, but I felt a warmer vibe from the nurse. The doctor started to numb my heel with a surface liquid, then used a 27 gauge needle to inject a numbing agent into My Heel before stitching me. Oh, holy fuck how that hurt! I know the palms of one’s hands and feet are very sensitive, I have a tattoo on the palm of my hand, but this was a pain I couldn’t have imagined. I joked with the doctor that I should be such a baby, having a palm tattoo, and he reassured Me that this needle was much bigger and went a lot deeper. As his needle went in each time, I shuddered to My core and wept intensely, it was such a pain! He had to inject the bottom of my foot several times in different places, Then he began to stitch me up, checking in with me on each stitch to make sure I was still numb. Before his last stitch, he found a place that wasn’t quite numb (ouch) and explained to me that he needed to inject me with some more of the numbing agent, but he offered to get a smaller needle, a 30 gauge.  Well, thanks doctor! The smaller needle was less painful, but still shudder and sob inducing. The doctor cleaned me up a little bit and added a butterfly stitch for one part of the flap of skin that seemed too thin to stitch with thread.

Then, finally, the stitching was over! The nurse came back in, cleaned Me up a bit more, and bandaged Me up.

woundedfoot_03_04_11 sixstiches_04_3_11 allbandagedup_03_04_11

Interestingly enough, I still had an wonderful day and the trip was still really, really fun. I have to give a big thank you to my lady friend and gentleman friend, they took such excellent care of me! I am not looking forward to the inevitable Urgent Care bill, but I am sure I will figure it out.

Written by lovemotionstory

April 4, 2011 at 10:43 am

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