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2011 PZS Poster Art Call / Stumptown Underground Submission Call

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So, onto to zine things!

Every year, the PZS gives EVERYONE a chance to make the image that will represent the next Portland Zine Symposium on the website, posters, buttons, fliers, outreach events, and at the convention. All you have to do is think about the theme, create a poster and submit! This theme for the 11th Annual Portland Zine Symposium will be “Postmarked 2011” and the deadline is March 1st. Check out the call here and give it a try!

And in other zine news, Stumptown Underground’s 17th issue will be centralized around the theme of BREAKUPS. For more info on that, check here and look over SU’s (finally) new and improved website. The graphic at the top was thought up by me and inked up by Ben Bush! We couldn’t seem to keep up with updating the website between Katy and I, so Stumptown Underground finally implemented a wordpress set up so that all the members in the collective can help keep it updated.


Written by lovemotionstory

February 7, 2011 at 10:42 am

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