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Live often moves pretty fast for me and it can be hard to sit down and write without direction, which is why my posts so far have been rather pointed or about an experience someone specifically asked me to write about.

The thing is, I rather like being forced to sit down and write, especially when the prompts are my friends’ questions. It’s good mental exercise and it’s always good to have writing to do that’s not for a press release. Also, a friend of mine recently insisted I should have an advice column (this may or may not been a joke). So, that combination of factors lead me to announce on facebook and twitter that anyone should feel free to try to ask me questions to get me going to give me blog fodder (especially advice seeking queries).

Here’s an advice seeking question someone sent my way and my answer:

I’ve been talking to/hanging out with this girl for the past few weeks. We both got out of long-ish relationships (about two years) at around the same time. Is it weird if we talk about our exes, swap war stories, and compare emotional battle scars?

No, it would be HEALTHY for you two talk about your exes and where you’re each coming from.

It will help you each decide if you’re compatible with each other. It would also set the stage for a supportive, honest and ,close relationship regardless as to whether or not you two stay romantic (which, it sounds like, you’re assuming is the direction you’re heading with this girl).

When people who are close confide in each other about their pasts, problems, hopes, fears, and so on, they give each other the opportunity to be considerate, helpful, nurturing, reassuring, and more.

This one didn’t get me going too long, perhaps you should give it a go?


Written by lovemotionstory

June 20, 2010 at 6:41 pm

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